In business, an alliance occurs between two companies that work together on mutually beneficial projects. These agreements are also called strategic alliances, and they usually involve cooperation in the development, creation, marketing, and sale of products or services or other objectives.

Alliances can either be joint ventures, equity strategic alliances, or non-equity strategic alliances. Joint ventures occur when two parent companies launch a child company together. Equity strategic alliances are created when a company purchases equity in the other. Non-equity strategic alliances are when two companies combine their resources and capabilities to reach set goals together.

Example: The well-known partnership between Starbucks and Barnes&Noble is an example of a strategic alliance. By placing Starbucks stores inside Barnes&Noble stores, each company shares the cost of the space while providing complementary services to customers.

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Agency partner


[aye-jen-see part-nur]

An agency partner is a powerful partner, typically an agency who either send you leads or closes business on your behalf. They may also run a client's program on your software and charge them for services. Agency partnerships can increase marketing reach and earn additional referral revenue. They can help you reach new potential clients and add more value for current clients. They may also collect payments and maintain customer relationships on your behalf.

Agency partners work within the same industry between companies with aligned values and goals and they can provide significant improvement on ROI for businesses that utilize them.

Also see: Value added resellers (VARs).

Example: Louis was up to his elbows with current customers and didn't have time to source new leads, so he signed with an agency partner who found him new customers, nurtured his current relationships, and took over some marketing and payment efforts. Louis saw a positive impact on his revenue, and he decided to work even more closely with his agency partner for more efforts in the future.

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Affiliate partner


[ah-fill-ee-it part-nur]

Affiliate partners are partnerships that drive traffic to your properties through tracked links and earn a cut when that traffic converts. Affiliate partners are a subset of marketing partners.

An affiliate partner can be a business, an individual, or another affiliate program. Affiliate partnerships can expand your company's reach and increase revenue through increased exposure and marketing reach.

Also see: Marketing partner, affiliate link

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