Partner Sales Manager

Partner Sales Manager

A common job title for those responsible for building partner relationships in service of hitting company sales targets. They may or may not manage a team.

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Partner enablement


[paart·nr uh·nay·buhl·muhnt]

Partner enablement is the actions taken to provide training and education to your partners in order to support their co-selling efforts. This might include educational resources that familiarize the partner with your product and how to speak to it, promotional resources that kick-start their on promotional strategy, or systems and processes they are able to utilize as they navigate their partner journey.

Prioritizing partner enablement can be an effective way to increase growth in sales. A common reason why partnerships programs fail is a lack of educational resources to support the program.

Example: To further partner education and support sales, partner enablement tools, such as an LMS course that can automate partner education based on groups, can be utilized.

Also see: Partner journey

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Also known as a reward. A payout is the compensation a partner receives for generating leads and revenues. It's almost always monetary, but can occasionally take the form of leads, giveaways, or marketing funds.

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