Also known as a reward. A payout is the compensation a partner receives for generating leads and revenues. It's almost always monetary, but can occasionally take the form of leads, giveaways, or marketing funds.

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Partner newsletter


[part-nur news-let-tur]

A partner newsletter is an email newsletter regularly sent to your partners. Content may vary, but partner newsletters usually include some combination of relevant updates, product news, content, info about partner-focused events, and any other partner-centric information a vendor wants to convey to their ecosystem.

Partner newsletters are often sent bi-weekly or monthly, but cadence may vary. We recommend creating a partner newsletter as a way to keep partners engaged and in the loop of what's happening with the program.

Example: Chase wanted to shout out a webinar her partners would be interested in, so she included it in her monthly partner newsletter.

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PartnerStack Marketplace

A marketplace where partners can search for and discover new companies to partner with.

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