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Pax8 Beyond: 4 Key Learnings From This Ecosystem Event

This is what Pax8 taught us about the channel in 2023.

If you’re a software Vendor, PartnerStack is making it easier than it’s ever been to ignite revenue growth through distribution, build relationships with partners like Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and even connect your partner marketing channels with your distribution channels.

Earlier this week, we were able to attend Pax8 Beyond, Pax8’s first event, which certainly had the energy of an inaugural but the polish of a 50th. If you don’t know who Pax8 is yet, they’re a technology company disguised as a software distributor, with 1,600 employees in 28 offices across 17 countries. Their catalog has 92 software vendors today and is growing fast with high demand from both MSPs and ISVs alike.

Let’s talk about some of the thoughtful takeaways we’re bringing from the event in Denver. 

Takeaway 1: Above all else, Pax8 is about people

Every company is built by people, but Pax8’s culture seems to be built by more than just their employees — every vendor and MSP in Pax8’s community seems equally invested and excited by Pax8’s success. 

PartnerStack’s Co-Founder, Luke Swanek, was speaking with Nick Heddy, Pax8’s Chief Commerce Officer, and an MSP asked Nick to sign his shirt. That level of love and fanfare is not the norm, especially in the world of B2B Software. One of the clearest takeaways from Beyond was simply the incredible quality and energy around the Pax8 community, and there’s no sign of that slowing down. 

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Takeaway 2: Pax8 understands the role data will play for MSPs moving forward

AI is hitting the mainstream fast, but AI recommendations are only as helpful as the data used to provide them. Pax8 is allowing MSPs to opt in and share information on the types of customers they typically service. This localized information allows Pax8 to make smart recommendations to MSPs, helping them grow their business and receive introductions to new prospective customers that align with their niche. 

Today, Pax8 is processing a transaction per minute for the more than 300K end customers their MSPs support. Nick Heddy’s keynote speech spoke to the fact that Pax8 is on a path to one transaction happening every second and the data supporting those transactions will only enable Pax8 to do more, better.

Takeaway 3: Pax8 is embracing that software is becoming easier to consume

B2B software is increasingly consumed like B2C software — this is a key reason for the rise of affiliate partnerships in B2B, and an external factor for PartnerStack’s success. With self-serve on the rise, Pax8 is leaning in by providing ISVs and MSPs the ability to promote “buy now” buttons. This allows customers to purchase software and connect with the right MSP to service their needs in a single workflow.

This new feature combined with Pax8’s smart matchmaking tool creates an increasingly connected experience for MSP’s, ISV’s, and most importantly, their shared customers.

Takeaway 4: Pax8 is a technology company disguised as a distributor

Some (including us!) would say that every company is becoming a technology company. For Pax8, that concept is at the very core of everything they do. 

There are so many proof points showing that Pax8 operates as a technology company and embraces new opportunities that others would consider to be challenges: a re-imagined Pax8 marketplace, investments in data, diagnostics, and matchmaking, as well as new tools and ways for MSPs to sell that benefit from the changing software landscape, such as Product Led Growth.

Nick Heddy, Pax8’s Chief Commerce Officer, believes that Pax8 has “a vision on the path forward on this rapidly-evolving channel”. After attending Beyond, we believe he’s right.

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We can’t wait for next year’s Beyond event

With year one in the books the PartnerStack team is already excited and thinking about how we can be more involved in 2024. 

Pax8 hosted a memorable event that allowed us to engage with more than a dozen software vendors looking to bring the power of PartnerStack and Pax8 together.

If you’re curious to learn more about our upcoming partnership with Pax8, please submit your information here and a member from our team will be in touch. 

P.S. Congrats to the Denver Nuggets and Canada’s own Jamal Murray for bringing home the 2023 NBA Championship when we were in Denver!

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