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The Most Impactful Partnerships Industry Articles of 2022

What the industry was talking about this year.

We already know how we’re ending 2022: a warm drink, the fireplace on, and a round up of the best partnerships content of the year in hand. We’ve collected some of our most enlightening, helpful, inspiring, and practical partnerships content from this last year. From interviews with inspiring leaders, to the nitty-gritty of partner education, to org chart examples and lookbacks at success, it was a year of learning and growth.

All things partnerships, all in one place. Enjoy our round up of the most impactful partnerships industry content of 2022 — here’s to plenty more in 2023!

The top tech partnerships articles of 2022

A first-person account of running a successful affiliate program (plus tips!)

James Urie knows what it takes to move a partnership program from day 1 to scale. He began running the affiliate program at Close before it was even officially a program, and since, he's built out a thriving ecosystem of partners. From someone who has been there, done that, this article serves up three unique tips for managing and growing your own affiliate program. Whether you're in the beginning stages or looking to level up, you can take something from this one.

Partnership org chart examples to help you place your program

Is partnerships a sales function? Maybe it lives in the marketing department? Or should it be its own thing? We broke down four different options for where you can build out your partnerships program within your organization, complete with org chart examples. The advantages and considerations of each approach are explained to help you decide the exact right spot for partnerships to live within your business. This is a must-read in the preparation of your partnership program launch!

A 12-month lookback to gauge success post-partnership program launch

After the dust settles from the first 12 months of your program’s existence, it’s time to run a retro and see if you’re headed in the right direction. In conjunction with Chief Customer Officer Star Hofer, we outlined what KPIs you should be evaluating, how to ensure your incentives are appropriate, and what to do if your program isn’t hitting the mark just yet. This is actionable advice you can use to pulse-check a program at the year mark, informing whether you need to course-correct or give yourself a big pat on the back for your good work so far. 

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Quiz: Test how much you really know about partnerships

Not to induce long-forgotten flashbacks to exam season, but why not end off the year with a test of your partnerships prowess? See if you know what an ecosystem actually is, how much revenue a partnership program can bring in, which industries leverage partnerships, the top skills a partner program manager should have, and more. Don’t worry, this quiz doesn’t go towards your final grade. 

A STACK'D roundup of expert advice for your program management

Our STACK’D customer summit brought together some of the brightest minds in the partnerships industry, and we had them put their heads together to bring you advice for your first partnership program. From award nominated and winning folks in the space, this article explores the value of teamwork, the challenge of finding the right partners, the essentials of partner communication, and more. Lean into the learnings of Cory Snyder, Shawn Coultice, Kaitlyn Crocker, and Matt Kilmartin to level up your own partner program. 

An expert-led guide on getting to know your channel partners

There are clear dos and don’ts of channel partnership management. Do: flesh out the onboarding process in advance and keep your program simple. Don’t: assume the relationship will be 50/50 or say yes to every partner wanting to join your program. Curious to learn more? Check out this piece written by partner marketing manager, contributing writer, and partner relationship expert Olivia Folick. 

5 leaders who changed the partnerships game in 2022

Pushing the industry forward, challenging the status quo, developing new programs and products… This year was major for the partnerships industry! In 2022, we sat down with five inspiring leaders changing the partnerships industry to see exactly how they were pushing boundaries in their own ecosystems. Check out the interviews and start thinking about how you could level up in your own network.

Our go-to partnerships 101 checklist

You’ve used the grocery list, you live by the to-do list, and now, you can check your ecosystem progress with the ultimate partnerships checklist. This checklist, led by in-house partnerships expert Nikita Zhitkevich, takes you from launching your first partnership to scaling your ecosystem. Don’t miss a step!

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How to scale the partnerships pyramid to SaaS channel readiness

Before you can scale up, you need to start up. In this foundational article, we set a framework for creating indirect revenue streams through partnerships. With a focus on establishing channel readiness, this article explores the three main kinds of partnerships and why there’s an order that’s best to follow. See why affiliate programs make the perfect starting place for your ecosystem, and what considerations you’ll want to make before branching out to referral and reseller partnerships. 

A look at the impact of partner networks on your program's success

Ever taken a look through the PartnerStack Marketplace? Marketplaces and partnership networks can noticeably accelerate your program’s success, but you might have some questions when you’re thinking about joining them. How much more can you earn if you tap into a network? Will your partners leave your program if exposed to others in the marketplace? Answers to these questions and more inside, courtesy of PartnerStack Head of Network Growth Andrew Kim. 

The importance of partner education, and helpful partner education tips

It’s impossible to talk about partner success without considering partner education, which is one of the most make-or-break aspects of your partnership program management strategy. This past year, we discussed exactly how and why partner education can either set you up for long-term success or be the thing that holds it back from reaching its potential. Don’t venture into a partnership launch without reading this first. 

Channel partners inactive? Here's how to revive them

Nobody likes being ghosted. PartnerStack Customer Success Manager An Mai breaks down why channel partners go inactive, how to spot inactivity, and five steps to achieve reactivation in this helpful guide. Use these expert tips to ensure you’re not leaving any potential partnerships revenue on the table.

With the year’s best in the books, here’s to all the great content we’ve got planned for 2023. Spoiler alert: you’re going to love it.

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