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Reveal and PartnerStack Turns Shared Opportunities Into Revenue

PartnerStack is launching a new integration with Reveal, the leader in account mapping.

PartnerStack is proud to announce our new integration with Reveal, the top choice in account mapping for partnerships teams.

Together, PartnerStack and Reveal give partnerships teams the simplest way to:

  • find opportunities they share with partners
  • track the progress of every deal from opportunity to closed-won
  • automatically pay partners for the deals they close

If you’re familiar with account mapping, you might already realize why this is such a big deal. Before now, there was never any way to sync data from your account mapping platform back to your partnerships management platform — you’d have to do everything manually, with two tools that don’t talk to each other. This first-of-its-kind integration changes that, giving partnerships teams and their partners a single automated workflow.

“One of the most common questions we hear from prospects and new customers is: ‘Do you integrate with Reveal?’” says Bryn Jones, CEO of PartnerStack. “Partnerships leaders and teams are letting us know that account mapping with Reveal is an essential part of their ecosystem growth strategy. We’re thrilled to be working with Reveal to give partnerships teams the best way to drive more revenue from the opportunities they share with partners.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with PartnerStack to transform the partnerships experience,” says Simon Bouchez, CEO of Reveal. One of the biggest asks we receive from our users today is to connect their account mapping insights with their partner ecosystem platform. That’s why it was a no-brainer to join forces with one of the best partnerships platforms out there — PartnerStack — to better serve partnerships professionals to reach their goals.”

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All about account mapping, and why it matters

Account mapping is when you and an organization you’re partnered with share information on contacts you’ve collected (such as leads and customers) and cross-reference them to find shared opportunities.

The shared opportunities that account mapping highlights are extremely relevant and require less convincing to close. Once a business identifies a contact they share with a partner, they can market or sell to that shared opportunity with the knowledge of the products or services they already use, and position themselves as having a complementary offering.

Account mapping can be done manually, for example, by exporting a CSV file of contacts and sharing it with your partner, and having your partner do the same for you. You can cross-reference between both lists to find contacts or companies that appear on both. However, this is a ton of manual work — and even once you’ve identified shared opportunities, there’s no easy way to go from finding a shared opportunity to actually working the deal, tracking its status, and ensuring whoever closes it gets credit.

The smarter way to approach account mapping is to use a platform that does automated account mapping, like Reveal. Once you and your partner connect your CRMs to Reveal, Reveal automatically sifts through the data and surfaces any contacts and opportunities that you share. Then you just need to decide which opportunities you’d like to work on with partners.

From there, you’ll want to assign deals to partners, track the status of every deal, and ensure partners get paid the right amount when they close a deal with an opportunity. That’s not something account mapping can do on its own — but the Reveal + PartnerStack integration makes it all possible.

“As a partnerships professional, you have to wear many hats,” says Dan Lancioni, Head of Partnerships at Reveal. “You need to be able to identify the right accounts to go-to-market with your partners, refer those accounts in each direction, track those accounts through to close, and reward your partners appropriately for their help. Previously, this critical workflow was incredibly hard to execute. With Reveal + PartnerStack, we just made it a whole lot easier.”

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How the Reveal + PartnerStack integration works

Once you and your partner have connected your CRMs to Reveal, you’ll see all of the opportunities you have in common.

See an opportunity you’d like your partner to work on? Simply select it and choose Refer a lead via PartnerStack.

Verify the lead details are correct and refer the lead to your partner. Once submitted, the lead will automatically be assigned to your partner in PartnerStack.

From there, PartnerStack will automatically track the deal through every stage. If the deal closes, PartnerStack will automatically calculate the amount owed to your partner (based on the reward rules you set, such as what percentage of revenue a partner earns) and make payment available for them to withdraw.

Reveal + PartnerStack power up your partner ecosystem

We’re excited to work together with Reveal to help businesses find more shared opportunities, close more deals, and maximize partnerships revenue.

To learn more about how Reveal and PartnerStack together can help you grow your partner ecosystem, book a demo and talk to a member of the PartnerStack team. You can also check out Reveal's announcement here.

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