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Quiz: How Much Do You Really Know About Partnership Programs?

Take this interactive quiz to find out how much you actually know partnerships in B2B SaaS.

Welcome to 2022, the year of the ecosystem in partnerships. We know different buzz words trend in the B2B SaaS space and picking up the language and parroting can be easy — but when you start to dive a bit deeper, do you truly understand what you’re saying? Partnership programs are key if you’re looking to scale customers and revenue — but when you break down what this means, do you have all the facts, stats and talking points that come with it? Partnerships are always top of mind for us at PartnerStack, so we have a knowledge testing quiz for you to see just how much you know about these strategic alliances.

Take this quiz to find out exactly how much you really know about partnership programs in 2022.

Your Score

Under 30% 

So, there’s some learning that could happen here. Everyone starts at the beginning. You may be newer to the space or earlier on in your partnership work — but don’t worry, we have your back! Find out everything you need to know about partner relationship management software.

Between 50-70%

You get the general concept and you’re well on your way to becoming more knowledgeable in the partnership space. Learning is a journey and you may be in the phase where you’re learning what kind of partner program is right for you still or perhaps you’re navigating how partner networks accelerate your program’s success. You got this!

Over 80%

Congratulations, you know your stuff! You’re pretty well versed in the partnership space and may have even attended Ecosystem Week and are starting or considering being an ecosystem-led company — knowing partnerships are at the heart of this.

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