Pay per action

Pay per action


[pay pur ak-shin]

Pay per action advertising is a kind of advertising in which you only pay when a user carries out a specified action. Actions can include subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a webpage, purchasing a product, or other notable events in a purchasing journey.

Pay per action advertising is similar to pay per click advertising, in which the marketer would pay for each click an ad gets. While a click can be considered an action, the difference between the two is the pay per action advertising can focus on conversion events.

Example: Liam ran a pay per action ad campaign for his online sock store in which he paid each time a user purchased a pair of socks.

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PRM (partner relationship management)

A partner relationship management (PRM) software is a tool designed to facilitate the partnership experience from end-to-end. It is primarily used by partners to drive traffic, leads and deals to a vendor, and by a partner manager and their team to manage their partner relationships as well as support their partners.

Most PRMs should be enable resources sharing between the two parties. It should also provide communication tools, relevant analytic dashboards, as well as link tracking and lead/deal submission tools.

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Partner activation

Mobilizing the partners you've recruited and motivating them to complete tasks that are beneficial to your business (e.g. sharing links, getting leads, etc.)

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