Patio Swings & Gliders

Home is the warmest representation of who we really are, in terms of our choices about how we decide to adorn it. While rest of our home often gets the best of décor, our yards and balconies are left out. We, here believe that our yards and verandahs deserve more than just sunsets. We bring you, the patio swing - varying as much as your décor spectrum. We would let the beautiful, mesmerizing patio swing collection talk the rest. Designed for maximum comfort, with unmatched elegance and unparalleled functionality, the collection includes intricately styled patio and porch swings that are water-resistant, sturdy and classically crafted for longer life-span

PRODUCTS WE OFFER in Patio Swings & Gliders

Keeping in mind, the fact that our outdoor space makes a very essential part of our home, we have brought to you a diverse range of aesthetic patio swings in our latest collection. We understand how important it is to have a good outdoor setting to make home a cozy place. The products in this collection are designed to suit all your moods and occasions, from egg lounge chairs to square back canopy swings to meshfree hanging hammocks to two-person laminated patio swings. The best thing about the provided patio furniture is that it acts like a stand-alone, it is complete and cozy in itself and is outlined in a way that gives you many alternatives when it comes to your home-décor. If you live alone, you can go for single person lounge chairs, if you live with a roommate or a partner, two-person spruce patio swing and double seat wooden bench chairs are perfect for you and if you're a big family person, then you'd prefer going with three and four seaters patio swings with canopy or patio swing bed with canopy.

Isn't it fascinating how diverse the spectrum of choices this collection gives you and ensure a customized outdoor space according to occupancy, shape and size of available area? You can, now enjoy a beautiful summer night with your family, star-gazing and spending quality time after a busy, chaotic day. Sun-bathing under sun on a summer afternoon is a therapy and now you can enjoy this leisure time with your partner using 2-person patio loveseat swing or 2-person outdoor mesh glider. The collection includes a variety of seating alternatives from hanging porch to swing glider benches to hanging porch swing with canopy benches to suit your mood on any day, anytime.

MATERIALS WE USE in Patio Swings & Gliders

We believe in diversifying the range of your choices when it comes to patio furniture that would occupy space in your home. We are happy to announce that we have patio seating available across colors that make your home a gay splashy palette. From brown to red, gray to navy, burgundy to tan to beige, there are colors that will go with bohemian to classic set-up. We assure you the quality of these beautiful patio sittings alongside the fact that all of this patio furniture is available in rust resistant steel, rot-resistant acacia, mesh-fabric on a sturdy stee frame and beautifully plated iron chains to anchor them.

All of these have been designed that encourages a longer life and easy installation, easily washable, if needed, adjustable canopies for canopied patio swings and gliders, unmatched sensation of relaxing your back in to-and-fro motion, resembling to rocking chair but with modern setting, patio furniture meant for two-persons, three-persons or entire family. All of these features make these products really functional and handy for customers and doubtlessly, their first choice.

The patio swings are multi-purpose furniture that gives you comfort and at same time are functional in ways you can barely count on your fingers. There are patio chairs with table which enables customers to have a good summer night date in peace and with an appreciable intimacy.

Don't Just Take it From Us
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Love the canopy swing I purchased for my elderly parents and they do too! The color (dark gray) is perfect I am hoping it doesn't fade too much - we'll see. The material and structure is solid and very well made. I'd highly recommend this product. I'm happy with this decision!
-Bernadine K.
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Loved the look of this swing and it was easy to put together. I had no issues getting it assembled and hung up on my own. It looked a little more distressed in the picture online to me which I was hoping for, but was just shiny powder coat when I took it out of the box. It's still great though, and I love it.
-Amanda N.
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This swing is a great deal. It was simple to put together and perfect for me, my husband, and our baby to enjoy swinging in our backyard. It's super comfortable, and the canvas fabric feels like it will hold up well. The navy color is very pretty and fits in well with our other backyard furniture.
-Katie F.
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Great addition to any patio or porch. The glider is not flimsy nor does it have rough places from the metal. It is sturdy, glides smoothly and has a canvas backing for the super thick cushions. A little more on the orange tone than red but a great glider at a great price.
-Sharon R.

Any Questions? FAQs About Patio Swings & Gliders

Will my patio swing suit all kinds of décor?
We cannot say if same patio will fit into the requirements of all kinds of décor but considering the diversity we try to deliver to our customers, you definitely can get alternatives that suit your décor style and space.
How do I know which size I need/want?
For each product listed under our patio furniture, the details like materials it is made up of, fabric used, brief installation directions and sizes are mentioned. It will help you in deciding whether a specific product meets your needs or not.
How much weight can my patio swings hold?
Even though you can find specifications along with each product, most of patio furniture is designed to carry around 550 lbs of weight. This can vary depending on the tensile strength of chains and anchors, that are holding it to the frames.
How can I protect my swings, if they're a part of my outdoor space?
Since the swings are a part of your outdoor décor, they are subjected to climatic conditions like extreme heat, rain, winds and calamities as well. It is important to take care of them. You can make use of swing cover with ties and grommets at the bottom. This will minimize the probability of harm done to the furniture.
In what all colors is the porch swing available?
The availability of each product depends highly on the demand of that type of item in our customer-oriented market. The available colors for each product are specified and also denoted by small round patches alongside the product.