Learning management software (LMS)

Learning management software (LMS)


[lur-ning man-idge-mint soft-ware]

A learning management software (also called a learning management system or LMS) is an automated application that houses all of your educational content, including courses and partner certifications, to motivate partners to market and sell your product or service more efficiently. An LMS is a software application used to administer, document, report, and deliver educational content, so it serves an important role in partner onboarding and enablement.

Your partner program platform should offer or include access to an LMS. This is where you can create courses, certifications, documents, and reports that allow partners to enrich their knowledge of the program and market and sell your product more effectively. Some LMS resources can also be available on a self-service basis, so partners can access the information they need when they need it.

Example: Louis needed to learn about a new product release, so he logged into the LMS to take a certification available for the product.

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