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Boon Kriek

375ml 4% Lambic - Fruit

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About The Beer

Country: Belgium

Brewery: Brouwerij F. Boon

Style: Lambic - Fruit

Format: 375ml Bottle

ABV: 4%

This is how Kriek beer was meant to taste. We make it with 250 grams of fresh cherries per litre. Discover the pleasure of its pure, authentically fruity character: refreshing, soft and beautifully balanced. Kriek Boon brings you the taste of real cherries.

Kriek Boon is a spontaneously fermented beer made from old and young Lambic matured in oak barrels. We only use real, fresh cherries to make this pure Kriek beer without adding any concentrates. Kriek Boon is made with no less than 250 grams of fresh cherries per litre. The fermentation of these cherries with the young Lambic beer gives Kriek Boon its fine authentic taste.

The cherries we use to make Kriek Boon are carefully harvested. They are cleaned immediately after harvesting: the stalks and leaves are removed and only the cherries and their pits remain. The cherries are frozen immediately and stored in our special cold store. This allows us to make beer with fresh cherries all year round. We use no less than 300 tonnes of fresh cherries every year to make all our Kriek beers. The year mentioned on the neck label of a Kriek Boon bottle is the year the cherries were harvested. 

Kriek Boon lets you enjoy the mildly sweet, slightly tart, full flavour of fresh cherries. The beer is very fruity: you can genuinely taste real cherries and beer rather than the flavour of cherry sweets. The beer is balanced, mild and easy to drink. It is the perfect thirst-quencher in the summer sun.

- Brouwerij Boon