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Behemoth Snoop H.O. Double P. Hazy IPA 440ml Can

440ml Can 6.5% New England / Hazy IPA (NEIPA)

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About The Beer

Country: New Zealand

Brewery: Behemoth Brewing Company

Style: New England / Hazy IPA (NEIPA)

Format: 440ml Can

ABV: 6.5%

One, two, three and to the four Snoop Hoppy Hopp and Churly have a hazy to pour Ready to make an entrance so grab a cup 'Cause you know we're 'bout to haze it up Give me the carbonation first, so you can see that bubble Chinook and hop oil together, now you know you in trouble Ain't nothin' but a "Hop" thang, hazy Two loced out brewers goin' crazy Double P on the label yeah that’s me Drinkable so please go ahead and enjoy this (Hell yeah) But, um, back to the venture at hand Perfection is perfected, so drink this to understand From mix’n some Citra perspective And before me sales-pitch, Imma add someting’ supereffective

Loral, we could be addin' to the can and changin’ the plan And at the same time evolvin' yeah man Now, you know I’m about that s\*\*t, brilliant Ain't no hop good enough to avoid building up on it (Yeah) And that's realer than Real-Deal Holyfield And now you brewers and pro’s know how I feel Well, if it's good enough to get buzzed off, not too drunk I'll take a few cans of some of that funky stuff

Here we have our new Snoop H. O Double P, Hazy IPA It's for shizzle my dizzle.