Halloween Decor

When you think of Halloween, easy Halloween costumes and the best Halloween candy are usually the first things that come to mind. But just like it; the one time of the year when you can dress up in your favorite Halloween decorations. It's never too early to get your house ready for Halloween. After all, it takes a lot of work to make your house the perfect balance of scary yet stylish. Whether you keep the spooky decor to a minimum or give your home a complete Halloween makeover. With the help of BCP decoration, you can easily decorate your house for Halloween.

Scary Wicked Wanda Winter beary is an animatronic standing witch stands on her own; her adjustable arms and motorized head will have adults & kids shaking with fear! Guests come face to face with a 5 ft tall witch, wrapped in a purple & black robe, complete with her broom and flashing red LED eyes Creepy-pre-recorded phrases bring this animatronic witch to life, as she moves and glows. A set of motors attach to the head of Scary Harry the Motion Activated Animatronic Killer Clown and adjustable arms to move back and forth in time with creepy. Pivoting wheels allow Haunted Holly Roaming Doll to glide from room to room, pursuing your guests as they struggle to escape your house of horrors.

The mini Ceramic Halloween Tree is the perfect addition to your holiday decor, beautifully hand-painted and finished with a smooth gloss and multicolor lights with 57 purple and orange lightbulbs and matching base adorned with a series of bats and cats, will brighten up your holidays. Black Artificial Christmas Tree is guaranteed to be an immediate eye-catcher in any setting, made with a black design that breaks free from the traditional tree to be used year round. Black Artificial Christmas Tree's Hinged branches and foldable stand for quick setup and tear-down, making it easy to store until the next year.