Customer ambassador

Customer ambassador


[cuss-toe-mur am-bass-a-der]

A customer ambassador is a satisfied customer who takes on a special role helping promote the company and its offerings to their peers. Customer ambassadors have experience with the product, believe in its value, and are willing to recommend it to others. They sometimes contribute to customer case studies, webinars, and other promotional activities for the company.

Customer ambassadors are an extremely important avenue of promotion since personal endorsements and recommendations are so highly valued in a buyer's journey. To spot customer ambassadors, look for successful, highly engaged customers who refer business to you.

Example: Kelly noticed a particular customer was the referral source for several new leads. She reached out to the customer and found they loved the product. Kelly invited the customer to participate in a webinar. Voila, a customer advocate!

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Content creator


[kon-tent kree-ayte-er]

A content creator is someone who makes material to be shared through any medium or digital channel. This content is often entertaining or educational, and the content is often published on social media channels, personal blogs, or websites. The content creator is responsible for the execution of the content, and may be solely or partly responsible for the ideation of the content.

Content creators are an important tool in affiliate marketing, most recognizably in B2C affiliate marketing (although they also play an important role in B2B efforts, too). Brands will pay content creators to make content about their products for their audience, often providing them with an affiliate link to drive business through.

Example: Joseph runs a YouTube channel where he reviews different cloud softwares. He often cuts down clips from his YouTube to post on TikTok, too. This makes Joseph a content creator.

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Co-selling is the act of bringing a third party partner from outside of the business to support and close a sales deal. By bringing in this external member to act as an extension of the sales team, it helps strengthen the sales pitch and close the deal.

Typically, a co-selling partner should be someone who has credibility in the space and can speak to why a SaaS product would be a good fit for the customer.

Example: To have successful co-selling relationship, your partner manager will need to develop a co-marketing plan to outline business goals and joint messaging for the two businesses.

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