Bird Baths

Don't make them a victim of your own egoistic needs. What they really deserve is your pure love. Henceforth it can be offered to them with our spectacular Pedestal Bird Baths. We provide a haven for all varieties of birds while elevating the look of your outdoor living space, patio, or lawn with a classic style. Dexterously crafted from weather-resistant plastic, our Bird Baths are ideal to use over years.


Our Pedestal birdbath is the perfect way to attract feather fellows to your space. Load up the bath with clean water and relish seeing the birds gathering to your yard, terrace, pool, deck or so on. This premium birth feeding station comes in sumptuous gold and green color with antique sparrow statues that's best for accentuating any patio. The sturdy pedestal maintains the birdbath from leaning over while the durable resin construction resists weather changes. This artistic piece is excellent for the enthusiastic birdwatcher.


Having a Pedestal Bird Bath is excellent to embrace beauty to your garden or patio. What of accenting it with a sumptuous Solar Lighted lamp? It's just like icing on the cake. A Best Bird Bath with planter, decorative and delighted lamp all-in-1. Have you seen something like this? NONE, we bet! Your outside living spaces will be the resentment of the adjacent neighbors with our antique assortment of solar-lighted bird stations featuring the planter, decorative basin that will attract birds to aerate the soil, and beautifully crafted solar-lighted lamp glow-in-the-dark to amaze the spectators and little feathers pals. The ornamental lighted dwellings are designed to illumine your garden or patio up to 8-hours through the night.


Birds need you this summer. Our Vintage Outdoor Garden Bird Bath featuring Fleur-de-Lis accents, and clean perforation marks will let you do the same. This simplistic Vintage Bird Bath basin provides an artistic addition to your courtyard, or patio, and furnishes your garden's visual interest with its vintage and antique style. It features a hollow center pole that allows you to fill it with sand or water to relish your feathers fellows.


This obsolete assortment of our handcrafted Bird Bath with a Royal Lily Leaf water basin will give you hours of satisfaction viewing your feathered friends on your patio. Crafted of a blend of Polyresin PVC hence a Bird Bath that is lightweight, weather-resistant, and effortless to assemble. These high-quality Best Bird Baths feature a gorgeous copper and green color with a royal antique finish great for adding a pop of color to your outside decor. We recommend pairing with a bird feeder to coax birds outside of your window or in your garden.

Our Bird Baths are comprised of premium quality PVC plastic that ensures frost- and weather-resistant. These can also be used as standing bird feeders and are skillfully etched with a stunning design and come in a vibrant shade providing a Classy yet beautiful finish to adorn your garden or lawn. These high-quality Bird Baths also feature a gorgeous basin design with two figurine birds around the edge -- wheedle the local community of feathered fauna to transform your garden into a serenade casino with their tweet/cheep/chirp. These artistic portraits are ideal for bird enthusiasts or you can play upon the ones to return back to nature by helping the lone feathered ally.

Don't Just Take it From Us
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I am so happy with the pedestal bird bath. It was easy to assemble. It looks like real metal but isn't. I was so happy to see our neighborhood cardinal perched on the basin of the birdbath. Great price too.
-Janet B.
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I love the size of it and they way it looks. I also love the birdbath is a good size. My only issue is that the solar light isn't working. I'm not sure what I'm did wrong but it doesn't come on.
-Susan N.
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This is a solid product which is exactly as the picture appears and as it's described. The size is great and my birds are happy when I use it as a birdbath or as a large feeder.
-Robert M.
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This bird bath is awesome; details are nice, material sturdy, price affordable, delivery timely. I have made many purchases from BCP and have never been disappointed.
-Nancy L.

Any Questions? FAQs About Bird Baths

How Tall is Solar Lighted Bird Bath?
The Overall Dimension is 17"(Dia) x 30"(H), and the overall Weight is 3.3 lbs.
Is there an on/off switch?
Yes ! The Solar Outdoor Bird Bath has an on/off switch. You can locate the same at the bottom of the birdbath.
Does this product have a non-slip surface in a bathing bowl?
The bathing bowl is a nonslip, the perfect size for smaller and medium-size birds.
Does the birdbath available with a built-in planter?
Yes! A built-in planter is there with a drainage hole. You can personalize your garden with your favorite succulents, seasonal or perennial flowers.