Everything You Need to Know About Affiliate Marketing for SaaS Growth

Partners have a leg-up that internal teams just can’t match. Learn how affiliate partnerships can help you make the big bucks.

What good is an affiliate program?

Think beyond B2C juice cleanses and influencer posts. When done right, affiliate marketing is an incredibly effective — and underutilized — acquisition channel for B2B SaaS marketers.

  • Reach new customers and increase your revenue through trusted sources
  • Save time and resources on go-to-market teams versus other paid channels
  • Join other SaaS businesses in driving an average of 30% revenue

New to affiliates? Get your feet wet with these basics

The Path to SaaS Channel Readiness, Part 2: Affiliate partners

What's Inside:
In part 2 of this series, we cover the fundamentals of affiliate partners and why every SaaS company should have an affiliate program.
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How affiliates drive more traffic and revenue


Launching your first affiliate program

Jumpstart an affiliate program like a pro, even when it’s your first time.

The manual stuff costs you big time — and money

Small and medium-sized businesses spend a third of their time dealing with inefficient processes which cost them an average of $2.6 million annually. Find out what the right partnership relationship management (PRM) software should do for every B2B SaaS company.

Need help launching?

Chat with our experts and see how PartnerStack helps get you going.

"We are solving the pain of managing hundreds, potentially thousands of referral, affiliate and solution partners. This can typically become a very admin-heavy job, especially when having to deal with the payouts, which Partnerstack fully automates. The main benefit is probably that I can keep developing partnerships at our company being a 1-person team instead of having to hire people for redundant partner-management tasks!"

Julien Matsis, Director of Partnerships and Ecosystems, Recruitee
Director of Partnerships and Ecosystems, Recruitee

Get your boss on board

An affiliate program can be run by a single person, but launching it takes a team. Here’s how to sell your partnerships strategy up the chain of command and make it a no-brainer for your boss and internal teams to buy into.


Make the greatest impact by expanding your reach

Whether you’re launching a new program or scaling up an existing one, you’ll need a handle on optimizing your growth — otherwise, chaos is just around the corner. Here’s how you can level up your affiliate program.

Looka grew its affiliate program to drive one-third of profits

Organic traffic drives in new users, but what happens when that influx suddenly dries up? Looka had this problem. See how they flipped their losses into wins with the right partner engagement strategy and acquisition channel.

“Set them up for success with all the resources they need. Give them an incentive to put in the effort, whether it’s through a tiered commission, increased bonuses, or by showing them what a successful partnership looks like.”

Matthew Sison
Growth Manager, Looka

The only partner platform built for B2B SaaS

Running multiple partner programs side-by-side makes it easy for you to drive more revenue. PartnerStack comes with its own built-in network of partners of all types — from affiliates, agencies, and resellers — to enable your program success.


Promote your program to thousands of SaaS experts, ready to join forces through the PartnerStack Marketplace


Activate partners with automated onboarding, training, and education with in-app resources and a learning management system.


Prioritize continuous improvement by tracking your program’s success metrics on your dashboard.

“The automation within [PartnerStack’s] platform, the segmentation, the reporting — all of this was missing from other platforms we looked at. Compared to PartnerStack, the competition looked like it was inside of Windows Vista.”

Nancy Mai Harnett
Partner Marketing Specialist, Teamwork

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