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2022's Top Articles for Affiliates and Affiliate Programs

If your goal is to crush 2023 with your affiliate program, take notes from this roundup.

As we wrap up 2022, we’re feeling nostalgic. We're reflecting on a big year for affiliates, with more education, more learning, and more winning happening for our affiliate-minded audience over this last year than ever before. To recap, we’re sharing five of our most popular articles on affiliates and affiliate programs. If you missed it the first time around, now’s your chance to brush up on your affiliate program knowledge. 

From debunking myths and rumors about who it’s for and how it’s used, to partner retention strategies and more, this roundup will arm you with the best tools and tactics to take your affiliate program to the next level as you gear up for record-breaking revenue in 2023.

The best affiliate content of 2022

Busting all the most common myths about affiliate marketing

Move aside, Instagram influencers. There’s more to affiliate marketing than skinny teas and subscription boxes. Although they’re not your usual suspects, B2B SaaS companies play a huge role in driving affiliate revenue through partner programs because they’re a safe way to sell software with few barriers to entry.

A best practices guide to using affiliate links for your business

Links, links, links. Driving traffic to site is what it’s all about for an affiliate partner program. And we break down the way to do it, starting with having a dedicated marketer that manages affiliates, understanding your sales funnel, where to host links, and how to offer competitive commissions.

5 green flags to watch for when you're joining an affiliate program

Are you an affiliate on the hunt for the perfect programs to join? We identified 5 green flags to keep an eye out for as you evaluate different programs. From well thought-out landing pages to a clear commission structure, this list of signs can point you towards programs that will make your time and work worthwhile. 

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... and 6 red flags to watch for when you're joining an affiliate programs

Not all partner programs are made equal, so we took a look at the red flags affiliates should be looking for, too. Quality experience, proper partner training, and product fit are just a few of the notable signs you’ll want to keep your eye on.

For an affiliate program to be worth your while as a partner, don’t ignore these red flags when you’re analyzing a potential program.

How to keep your top affiliates engaged and avoid pushing them away

Keeping affiliates happy is an essential part of running a successful partnership. The good news is there are several things you can do to keep affiliate engagement high once you’ve attracted them into your program like offering a seamless user experience and irresistible bonuses — but be warned, if clunky payouts or complicated dashboards are part of their experience, they may be less keen to stick around. Discover all the things that can make or break your partnerships with affiliates.

Why affiliates are the essential first step in scaling the partnerships pyramid

If you’re interested in growing indirect channels, building an affiliate partner program is the best place to start. Affiliate programs draw in the biggest pool of partners but require the least amount of investment to succeed. But you don’t know what you don’t know, which is exactly why we put this guide together. Check out this framework for setting up your partnerships and why starting with affiliates is your best chance at successful scale.

Whether you’ve got a point to prove by setting up your very first affiliate program or you’re refining your partnerships to become stronger than ever, affiliate marketing is an effective way for B2B SaaS businesses to sell and market their products. If you're on the hunt for a top affiliate software, check out our listing in Tepkon's affiliate software ranking. If you’re in it to win it, your success depends on the number of affiliate partners you generate, how engaged they are, and the incentives you set up to continually motivate them to drive qualified leads your way. Now, you’ve got all the firepower you need to drive significant returns on your investment heading into the new year.

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